One Climate

One Climate connects people around the world both from the Global North and the Global South for joint action to fight climate change and poverty. Together, we strive for achieving climate neutrality and eradicating energy poverty relating to the number of members in our cooperative until 2035. Therefore, members of the cooperative contribute 1% of their income annually. They share the common funds fairly between partners of the Global North and South and invest the funds in sustainable energy in the respective countries. United in solidarity we are fighting climate change side by side to save and preserve our planet for future generations.

Why join in?

1 Climate Community: Together we achieve net zero emissions and zero energy poverty by investing together 1% of our incomes in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects by 2035.

1% of the world’s annual economic output is sufficient: By investing that amount in renewable energies, climate change can be stopped.

Be 1 with us! Be part of a transsitional change of our world. Create the future you want to live in. A better world is possible!

"Hope is rooted
in collective action!"

Barack Obama, Klimakonferenz, Paris, 30. November 2015.

"If ever there were a cause which should unite us all, old or young, rich or poor, climate change must be it."

Kofi Annan, Washington Post, 21. September 2014