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One Climate

“Convinced that climate protection needs international action on the basis of equity and equality a group of energy and development experts, church leaders, and students from Germany, India, The Netherlands, Rwanda, South Africa, and Tanzania started discussions on how to implement international climate action by citizens worldwide in 2020.”

Eventually, and after many meetings and long discussions with NGOs, banks and other institutions concerning the issue of a broad citizen participation in international climate justice we arrived at the point where we said: We cannot leave this important issue to foreign institutions only. We have to take climate protection into our own hands; into the hands of all citizens. That led us, together with our Dutch friends from “Energie Samen”, to found a company where people are the owners and decide for themselves how to implement climate protection internationally.
This led to a decision to found the “1 Climate International Cooperative U.A.” under Dutch law.
The philosophy and the business concept were essentially derived from the findings of climate science and from the experiences that the founders had had in the organizations, listed below.

- One for the Climate e.V.
- One Climate Fund Southern Africa
- Energie Samen Netherlands
- Rural Development Interdiocesan Service
- The Presbyterian Church in Rwanda

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